You said, Let there be light’;
There was light.
Your light shines on in our darkness.
For you the earth has brought forth life
In all its forms.

You have created us
To hear your Word,
To do your will
And to be fulfilled in your love.
It is right to thank you.

You sent your Son to be for us
The way we need to follow
And the truth we need to know.

For Christ is born in Bethlehem,
God revealed in human form;
The baby in a manger,
The refugee on the Egypt road.*

* A New Zealand Prayer Book

Once again we find ourselves in that time of preparation for Advent and Christmas. What does that preparation look like for you? Each of us has our unique way of ‘getting ready.’ Does that getting ready include times of quiet contemplation? Finding time to be ‘quiet’ at such a busy time of year is a challenge. The reality is our busy world is uncomfortable with quiet!

What happens when we take the time to be still? Our breathing slows, our bodies relax, and our minds shed the need to be full of action. Jesus regularly took himself away from the crowds for intentional times of prayer and quiet. It was in those times he was close to God and could express his own agony at what would transpire. It is in the quiet we let down our defenses and make ourselves vulnerable – vulnerable to hear the Good News of Christ. God in the form of the Angel visited Mary in the quiet. God in the form of an Angel visited Joseph in the quiet. Can we in the midst of our busyness take the time to be still and quiet – to make ourselves vulnerable so that we too can hear God’s loving message to us?

Let us take the time to prepare, to be still, to pray, to celebrate, to rejoice, and give praise that soon a “Great Light Will Shine In Our Darkness” bringing the news to one and all that Jesus Christ is born.

Yours in Christ

Reverend Georgina Harris

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