Spring Garage Sale

Time to clean out your closets and garages . . . Donations are now being accepted for the upcoming Garage Sale. Your gently used household items and collectibles would be much appreciated.

An open Letter to Canadian Senator Lynn Beyak

The Canadian Anglican church posted its official response to comments by Senator Lynn Beyak in the upper chamber. Senator Beyak downplayed the well-documented harm done by government-funded, church-operated schools where indigenous children endured widespread sexual and physical abuse. There was nothing good: An open Letter to Canadian Senator Lynn Beyak Dear Senator Beyak: Not only

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PWRDF announces East Africa emergency response

PWRDF announces another $50,000 for East Africa emergency response PWRDF is supporting two more appeals to address the humanitarian crisis in East Africa through our memberships in the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and ACT Alliance. To address the famine in South Sudan, PWRDF has made a $20,000 contribution through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank to support a

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Tickets now available for St. Pat’s Dinner

Tickets are now available for the Annual St. Patrick’s Day Dinner, Saturday, March 18; serving delicious Irish Stew. FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! Adults, $15.00; Children $10.00. Please see Beth, Valerie or Rosemary. Cutoff to purchase tickets: March 14 (Tuesday)

Heritage of the Book of Common Prayer

The historic heritage of the Book of Common Prayer To fully appreciate the impact of the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) on Anglican thought and worship, one must first understand the sixteenth century world from which it emerged. For Anglican scholars and academics, careful study of the origins and evolution of the BCP reveal a text that

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Progress made at Workshop, Jan 28

The day went well, with thought-provoking questions and group discussions. It was not as well attended as the first one—about 30 people attended, this time—but some people who had intended to come were sick. We had some lively discussion and in the afternoon “group leaders” were brought in to facilitate 4 separate groups. Tough questions

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A Vision for the Future of St. John the Divine Our Parish workshop in September was a great success! It was well attended and there was lots of participation. Thank you all! It seems we are now ready for the next step in the process, which is “Visioning for the Future”. This is not just

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Wm Crickmer’s Great Great Great Granddaughter…

Stacy Crickmer visits St. John’s Today we (Warden Bob, Rev. Maggie and I) were blessed with a wonderful surprise visit from Stacy Crickmer and her husband Damian Hammontree. Stacy and Damian traveled all the way from West Virginia to visit the church of her ancestor, The Rev. William Crickmer, her great great great grandfather! Stacy

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We told our story…

Last Saturday, September 10th, we got together and told our church’s story, looking at where we began and how far we’ve come. It was a fun, productive, emotional, and sometimes painful discussion of St. John’s growth, challenges, and triumphs. Many thanks to all those who came to voice their ideas and share their perspectives. Everyone

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